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Food Processors are Must-haves in The Kitchen


Good appliances make serving drinks and food at home much easier. Food processors are one of the most useful tools in anyone’s kitchen.

These tabletop appliances help in chopping and dicing greens, whipping dips, pureeing sauces, and preparing emulsions. They save time in tasks like kneading and mixing dough, shredding potatoes, crushing nuts, or grinding meat. Some models have disc accessories for producing French fries or vegetable slices.

There are many versions to fit different families’ cooking needs and serving sizes. The prices and warranties of various models reflect their durability and versatility in meeting kitchen demands.

Food processor types

Full-size processors are great for those who cook or bake a lot, or who serve a large family. Most have capacities from 5 to 20 cups, and many come with several blades and discs to prepare various foods. Common accessories include shredding and cutting discs, hooks for dough mixes, and various blades for chopping, mincing, and pureeing.

Mini-size processors are smaller units having from 2 to 4 cup capacities which perform similarly but for smaller batches of ingredients. Many look like simpler food choppers. A mini model may cost a lot less than full-sized ones.

Food choppers are just what they are, small tools just powerful enough to dice an onion or grind nuts. Many popular models are handheld devices with manual mechanisms which are cranked to grind or hand-slapped to chop ingredients on cutting boards.

Minis are designed to produce small amounts of nuts, herbs, and peppers for a small recipe or salad. They’re particularly handy for quickly and neatly slicing onions.

Baby food makers are all-in-ones which are used steam or puree ingredients. These are more convenient and fool-proof to use than any one appliance or cookware and make it easy for new parents to learn how prepare food for their baby. Many owners dedicate these to making baby food so that their main food processor remains ready for regular uses. (more…)

Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

When you use an essential oil diffuser, you are getting the best out of your essential oil because it is spread into the air. This will now make your room very fragrant and aside from that, it also has health benefits. People who have the oil diffuser on while they are sleeping are able to breathe well even if they have a cold. Even those who have a snoring problem can say that diffusers have helped them. They are no longer snoring and they are able to sleep peacefully all night long. Essential oil diffusers have other benefits that you will enjoy and you will know more about them in this post.

These are the benefits of using an essential oil diffuser. You can buy the best essential oil diffuser that is being sold today. Make sure that it can be used with any type of essential oil so it will be easier for you.

What are the benefits?


  • You don’t have to use too much oil – It is because diffusers use heat to burn through oils right away so that it can be dispersed into the air. When you put the oil in a diffuser, only a small part is needed to make the room very fragrant.
  • It can really purify the air – A diffuser will purify, sterilize, and deodorize the air and that is what you will breathe in. This will help in controlling allergies, asthma, fever, flu, and cold symptoms. It is also good for people who are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, emphysema, and others.
  • Lifts your mood – When you smell essential oil in the air, your mood improves. Especially when you use clary sage with any citrus scent because it has done wonders for other people. If you want to relieve stress, geranium and lavender will be perfect. When you are trying to spark up some romance, put a few drops of jasmine. You can also use ylang ylang, sandalwood, rose, and patchouli. If you are feeling nervous, use neroli, chamomile, or melissa.
  • Relieves cold and flu – Oil diffusers can also help with these 2 things and most especially if you put rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, or manuka. To prevent cold and flu, tea tree, lemongrass, oregano, juniper, or eucalyptus are perfect. They will also help in clearing the air of mildew and smell. If there is mildew present in the air, this can later on have an effect in the quality of the air in your room. Visit Recreation Space to read more benefits.


A Great Kitchen for Home


It’s usually the most visited and used place in any home other than the bedroom. Family members and friends love to eat and talk along in the kitchen, and many like to prepare meals and drinks as they enjoy each other’s company. And to have a good time “dining in”, you need a well-equipped and orderly kitchen.

Home Goodness Comes in A Great Kitchen

Quality appliances make a big difference when it comes to cooking and serving great dishes at home. Most homeowners are sure to choose a standard set comprising a range and/or cooktop, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and perhaps a microwave oven. In addition, a range hood is essential for venting smells and fumes, while a separate wall oven allows you to handle multiple baked or stewed items at the same time.

After the refrigerator, the most-used appliance in the kitchen is usually the all-around cooking range.

Basic unit of cook: The Range

A combination of cooktop and oven, a range provides for wide variety of cooking applications. There should be a variety of burners for handling both high heat tasks such as boiling, sautéing, and stir frying, as well as low heat ones like simmering and melting. Standard ranges come in gas, electric, induction, and dual-fuel models to fit various budget levels and styles.

Good range features

  • Quick to heat up and maintains temperatures
  • Easy to operate and check
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Large capacity and useable space
  • Self-cleaning cycles
  • Audible timers and lockable controls


Ideas for Your Home for Enhanced Facility


Your home is a place of immense importance to you. Certainly, you want your home to be exceptionally beautiful with plenty of facilities. So to get maximum value from your home in cost effective manner, you can devise some ideas, implement them effectively and make your home a home of benefits, home of great value. Here are some ideas you can take in consideration that will different look and add value to your home.

Let’s have an eye on:

Granite Countertops – Costs and monitor for your benefit

Have you ever wondered where or how to get a cheap granite worktop without sacrificing design concept? There are several ways you can control the cost of granite countertops. Depending on the area, several factors affect their purchases.
Ideas for Your Home

Tips on how to control your costs granite countertops

  • Be informed: After planning your design, have appointments with your local manufacturer for the availability of your item and its supply and demand. Be aware that the market let you know when the prices go up or down.
  • Custom made: If you prefer to buy custom made countertops, the cost of this will be more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, go for a granite tile can be installed instead of precast. The cost of this design is more complex than simply buying tiles.
  • Manufacture: Granite tiles from different types of manufacturing. Chemicals can consist of lenses that make it more expensive than common stones. Before you buy, you have to know what your preference is to get your money’s worth.
  • Off cuts: Keep your purchase larger cuts will give a price cheaper than small cuts. Cost cutting granite countertops can be done also by the choice of color so fashionable but still can bring complexity and stability.
  • Thinner granite and below: Sections of the house that is not touched or used every day can have greater grain and below. In this way, you save from spending too much money on various levels which is often useful in countertops.
  • The provider of hand: Ask your supplier for a discounted price, if not, find another local provider offering great sale on granite countertops.
  • Do it yourself: Avoid full service promise not free installation and checks. If you need to hire someone, make sure you provide warranty service for a period of time.


Colorful Kitchen Appliances

The manufacturers of small kitchen appliances have opened the floodgates and a deluge of colored items have poured forth, creating a number of challenges for retailers.

Both manufacturers and retailers are hoping that by adding color to existing products such as toasters, can openers and coffeemakers, they will create excitement and motivate sales at the retail level. At the same time, though, they recognize that an influx of colors across a broad spectrum of products can become a space management problem.

Colorful kitchen appliances compete for limited space

“Colors look great, but they also mean extra SKUs,” said a divisional merchandising manager for a department store chain who asked not to be identified. “We don’t know if having new colors translates to much extra in sales, but we’re trying them anyhow.” He added that colored products will be introduced on a limited basis within his chain, but only in key stores.

“The bulk of consumers will buy white and I think it will always be that way,” said another divisional merchandise manager from an East Coast department store chain. “Excitement, however, is being created by the new colors and a new customer may be attracted by the display. Even if this results in the purchase of a white item, the color in the display created the excitememnt.”

Supplies, too, realize that space management can be a problem. “Color helps give variety to the assortment,” notes Tom Manning, executive vice president at Rival, “but we certainly don’t want a retailer to add an item that won’t sell merely for the sake of having a spot of color.”

For the time being, department and specialty stores are embracing color as a way to set their products and departments apart from mass merchants. “Traditionally, department stores develop new ideas. I think manufacturers realize that. That’s why they’re going to department stores first with these new colored small appliances,” said the East Coast merchandising manager.


The Smaller Version Furniture Showroom

Scalamandre has opened a new showroom in New York City, NY, and one of its goals is to serve the public for the first time in its history. The showroom is a smaller version of its more comprehensive studio located in Queens, NY, but it is situated in the interior decorator district and will serve professionals well. Wallcoverings and printed fabrics are displayed on the second floor, and trimmings are on the third floor. The street level displays the firm’s classic collections and its newest lines.

Scalamandre, the family-owned, interior decorator supplier of fabrics, wallcoverings, trimmings and carpets, celebrated its 65th birthday by opening a new five-level showroom here.

The showroom is housed in an 1865 townhouse on 57th Street and Third Avenue, in the center of Manhattan’s interior decorator district.

The interior designer, architect and related professionals

Adriana Scalamandre Bitter, president of Scalamandre, says that the decision to move Scalamandre to an independent location resulted in part from a trend within design centers across the country to open their showrooms directly to the public. “Scalamandre’s goal is to serve the interior designer, architect and related professionals only,” she says.

“The philosophy of our family is total commitment to the design community,” she adds. “The decision to open centers to the public is in direct conflict with that philosophy.”

The new showroom gives the Bitters, the family that runs Scalamandre, and its staff complete control over every aspect of Scalamandre’s design mission and allows it to meet the needs of its clients. According to Edwin Ward Bitter, chief executive, a new design and art studio was instituted in the fifth floor of the showroom to promote greater creative dialogue with Scalamandre’s clients. The Manhattan studio will not replace the more comprehensive studio located in Scalamandre’s mill in New York’s borough of Queens.

The street level houses all of Scalamandre’s new collections as well as the company’s classic favorites, all displayed in curtains of fabrics suspended along the side walls. The wall displays include damasks, lampases, brocatelles, liseres, sheers, woven stripes and solids in such materials as silk, cotton, linen, wool and rayon. Mark Bitter, executive vice president, said that clients are encouraged to handle the cloths.

Scalamandre’s printed fabrics and wallcoverings are featured on the showroom’s second floor. Also on this floor is the company’s reference desk with all wallcovering and fabric books easily accessible to staff members and clients alike.

The trimming specialty shop is on the third floor of the Scalamandre showroom. “I prefer to call them passementerie,” said Ed Goodwin, director of the trimming division. The floor is divided into three sections: a trimming stock display, a separate stock of trimming that is cut and sold directly off the floor and a trimming exhibit that includes collections of past Scalamandre custom passementerie designs. Among these are reproductions used in The White House, the Confederate White House and the Vanderbilt mansion.

The fourth floor showcases the company’s custom carpet division and its contract department, featuring designs from Boris Kroll, a company division.

An Acanthus Furniture mini-showroom is also on the fourth floor, highlighting upholstered and case goods pieces distributed around the country by Scalamandre.